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2010-08-04 18:03:26

Gamefly (Various)

When I first started Raging Geek reviews, I was buying a lot of new and used titles from Gamestop, the standard gaming superstore. This was pretty costly and left me holding some pretty expensive stinkers in my hand. Since I'm not a super popular game review site that pulls ad revenue from various game developers and receives free copies of pre-releases, I have to get my games from somewhere however. Besides, I like to think that my reviews are bit more enlightening than anything you'll find on the mainstream review sites, mostly because I'm not pressured by who is advertising on my website. Not that I would say that gamespot or any of the other review sites have a love for the taste of EA cock, or that they get Teabagged by Activision on a regular basis, far from it, I have nothing but respect for my fellow reviewers, despite their addiction to throbbing game company man chowder.

So I've been hearing about Gamefly, and so I picked it up, thinking oh man now I can rush through tons of games and review tons of them. For the most part that has been true, the price is right, at around 8 bucks a month per number of games you want out at a time(I'm on the 2 game plan) and you get little bonuses like 5 dollar coupons toward game purchases from them, and % off as you get into the upper echelon. Originally things went pretty well, games were flowing relatively quick, I'd send one back, get one back in about 3-5 days time, then things started to hit the shit. You know, the stuff that I find worth reviewing about. Brace for impact and bring a towel, shits about to fly.

So in Gamefly you have something called the GameQ(which is probably because most gamers can't spell Queue). The GameQ is where you have your wish list, you organize your games, by the level of desire to play them in the slots. you can have up to almost 50 games in the Q. Things were going right along early, fairly new titles were available pretty quick and I almost always got everything in the order I wanted them in. the GameQ system is designed so that if the game next in your list is out of stock, they'll fire off the next one down the line. This system is decent as long as the system doesn't have to hopscotch too much. Sadly for me it did pretty rediculously too.

First problem I started having was in their rapidreturn system. Supposedly Gamefly made a deal with USPS to scan their mailers when they come into the central distro, when this happens USPS notifies Gamefly which code they scanned, and so then Gamefly knows before they even get the game that it's on it's way, so they can start shipping you your next game immediately, this is supposed to cut turn arounds down to 3-5 days, instead of 6-10 days. unfortunately due to the fact that USPS is only good for sending letters to your penpal and not actually hauling merch with any degree of success, sometimes they don't scan the shit in, which means you have to wait 6-10 days for the next game to arrive. I planned for this however which is why I have the 2 game plan, so I can always play game 2 when Game 1 is enroute. This however is clearly a poor business decision on Gamefly's part, if they went with a more reliable shipping company such as FedEx who mandatorily scans every package ever shipped, and provides minute per minute tracking of the package, then this problem would not exist. Granted that would probably inflate the cost of shipping a bit, but if they cut a good deal with FedEx and maybe do some profit sharing, this business arrangement could work out better. USPS is unreliable as fuck.

Next is the Q system, I don't know how many copies of the games Gamefly purchases, but for the 5 star reviewed games it's clearly not enough. those games are almost 100% never available and thus makes it nearly impossible to get even if it's the #1 on your slot. What's worse than that though is when you see inside the system that your old game has been received(in the case that USPS fails to scan the item and it actually has to be delivered before the next item ships) then you spend the next 48 hours checking to see what the next title will be that's delivered, and you see a game that's on your #2 slot(for me GTA IV) go to Available Now status from it's previous availability of High. I don't know how they determine "high" medium" "low" availability, but when I see my #2 title Available Now and they have checked in my previous title, I kind of expect the #2 game to come. What happens? no, I get number fucking 14!!!!!!!111one!!!11211@21! How does this even remotely make any sense? it doesn't don't try to make it make sense. Because if you do, the answer will still be fucking retarded. Get your Game Queueing system straight Gamefly, this shit is bananas!

Lastly, another annoyance is the possibility of getting a series out of order. I wish there was some kind of system to prevent a game from shipping before it's predecessor. I put the Phoenix Wright series on my gamefly because of a friends recommendation. I received the games as such: PW2, PW3, and then PW. So basically I received them in all kinds of fucked up order. Apparently if you want to run through a series you have to put each game on individually until you get the original in the series, then you can request the 2nd and then the 3rd so on.

Reason Rank
Start 10
Good price for unlimited gaming +5
Shitty UPS First Class Shipping -7
Not enough Quantity to fulfill gamers requests timely -3
No way to ensure a series is only shipped in sequence -2


The gamefly gets a 1/10 from me, Since it's not negative it's not infinitely terrible, but the shipping blows, and the quantity of titles issue I have been seeing is pretty horrible. Fix those and they'll be easily more towards the 10/10.


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