Overlord 2

2011-08-28 19:11:22

Overlord 2. Somehow Overlord 1 missed the stroke of my evil pen, as I have played both titles in the series. So I will do a quick review on I before I proceed with 2 and how it is better than I. Overlord I was a unique title being a mix of anti-hero playing with cute and vicious imps as your henchmen and your primary method of destroying the good citizens of the world(mostly hobbits) The first game was fun but infuriating for a few things, one of which was the checkpointing system in the game was very flakey and places where it would seem to make sense to have a checkpoint there was none. So there would be long stretches of repetition, the other problem I ran into was when you would lose some of your imps, as they would often die either when exposed to the opposing elements to themselves, drown in water, or die in a fight, you basically had to go out and farm reoccurring creatures to regain the life force amounts needed to summon the specific imps you needed, so you might have to travel great distances if you needed life force to summon more blues vs browns, vs reds. I ended up giving up on the title and returning it to Gamefly due to a mission that involved a lot of water areas, where I had lost a great deal of my troops through the huge winding expanses of the zone and after dying was returned back to the checkpoint at the very entrance, minus my horde that had died in the previous attempt, so I would have to harvest more blue lifeforce in order to have any hope of success.


Overlord 2 seems to have fixed a lot of the balancing issues with regards to getting lifeforce for the appropriate imps, handling loss of life and drowning much better. So the game is quite a bit easier because of that, but this game gets mired down for a different reason altogether. Overlord 2's approach is primarily that of an open world sandbox type game, where you take over a town ousting a nasty magic hating mayor and putting yourself in charge, you have warp points that quickly teleport you to your tower in hades, from which you can ressurrect your favorite imps(in trade for killing other imps) and upgrade your weapons and armor(once again at the cost of materials + imps) it is also where your kidnapped/captured princesses live for you to build your own inner harem.


The throne room acts as a place to review your current objectives, receive news from villagers that lead to new objectives, and things of that nature. The problem comes in that despite the game being semi-sandbox open world, the game handicaps itself much the same as the first game does by limiting where you can go based on the types of imps you can summon. For the most part this isn't a problem, but as I got to the point where all I had left to get was the blue imps unlocked I wandered far and wide for the right path to take to get the blues and all I ran into was more and more blue barricades. Having lost the plot and the direction I should be going in I quickly grew to find the game not worth my time, and it rotted on my TV stand for a few months where I'd try on and off to solve this mystery of the blue imps, before ultimately giving in to the fact that i would never succeed at it and being far too bored with it to even bother looking up the gamefaqs on it, pitched it back to Gamefly in exchange for Prototype.


Reason Result
Start 10
Fun gameplay where you play the bad guy +5
Dark humor abounds and is very entertaining +4
Interface/game does not help out when you are lost -5
The game takes the blocking of a linear gameplay system and applies it to open world -4
Easy to get lost with no real map to guide you back on course -5
Final 5/10

The game is a cute and fun romp but you can lose interest fast 5/10 makes it a mediocre title, the Series has a the unique twists of you playing the bad guy and controlling hordes of imps, but they also tend to screw up either pacing/direction or requiring too much of the player. There are far better "dark" titles out there than Overlord.