Wanted: Weapons of Fate

2011-03-06 11:58:13

Wanted, a "summer blockbuster" movie that essentially was nothing but a nerds "I'm really awesome just stuck in a shitty circumstance" film with a dumb premise and a sexy female co-star. The game I expected to suck badly, and I partly put it in the queue thinking that it had to be horrible. Bear in mind I played the game before I watched the movie. But having played and beat the game and watched the movie, I think I have full perspective on this.

The movie ended up being a movie about plucking a nerd out of society and training him and his genetic gift towards being an ultimate hitman, ending up with a suprise twist, a noble ending, and the nerd getting everything he wanted. The game however seems to have not even watched the movie except to extract select characters from the movie to use as bosses. See if the game played out like the movie did there would be no real action packed scenes with exception of the initial plucking from society that the weavers did. The movie just didn't have that much even handedness to it, there was no real threat to the hero either has contigencies in effect or escapes through dialog. This would not make a great action game. 

So instead of our hero using rats to blow up his nemesis hitmen, he ends up in a building chasing down some hitman which I barely remember seeing in the movie while it is being blown up with rat bombs as a means to try to kill the hero off. Instead of Angelina Jolie's noble end in the movie, she actively tries to kill you as one of the minibosses.

Aside from completely departing the movie with exception of the names and features of select bosses and where the plot can maybe conveniently be grounded. the game is a pretty bland cover shooter, you run from place to place under cover and take advantage of the ability to bend bullets to render the enemies cover useless. Making the game even less of a challenge. 

This game is pretty generic and is really lacking in the challenge department and reuses a lot of set pieces over and over and over again to the point of being nauseating. unless you are horribly bored and have played every good game ever, I'd pass up this half-hearted turd-loaf of a game.

Reason Rank
Start 10
Follows the Source Material Faithfhahahaha yeah sure... -4
generic cover based shooting that is all the rage -2
bullet bending ruins any challenge had in pop-and-shoot titles like this -4
Story expands on the movie story with more details about the father making him the most interesting character of the movie/game universe +3
most of it is a reason to explain how your birth was illegal to the order for a reason that makes no real sense. -3
Final Tally 0/10

I give is 0/10 because it's not horribad, but it's not in anyway good, it is just so bland and what story it shoes in does not really fit in with the story as told in the movie, and they are using the same characters which makes even the story feel stunted and not well thought out.