Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe

2010-11-10 18:01:45

Mortal Kombat! TEST YOUR MIGHT! ah, the glory days of the 90's fighting game explosion. What a day to be alive and at your local arcade. In those early days of the fighting game genre, you had 2 kings of the field. Street Fighter 2(whatever flavor your arcade had) and Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat got a lot of hype at the time, selling itself as the "bad boys" title of the market, where Street Fighter had judo moves and fireballs, Mortal Kombat had decapitation and immolation. Fatalities was where it was at, and caused the local news to ask the question "how much is too much violence?"

I was a kid who was firmly planted on the MK side of that argument, I had played SFII Turbo on my friends SNES, but it never could quite attract my attention as much as MK on my Genesis could, especially thanks to the Genesis being the version with everyone's favorite code ABACABB, a simple entry of this one code and the white startup text was replaced with blood red, and Scorpions catch phrase "GET OVER HERE" blared through your monitor. You had just entered blood code, and were now able to pull off all of the gory arcade classic finishing moves. SNES couldn't do it so it gave us Genesis fanboys something to rub in the nintenerds faces. But I derail a bit too much. needless to say both SF and Mortal Kombat saw multiple sequels and motion pictures, with Mortal Kombat getting the slightly better of the big screen stick, SF has ultimately proven itself to be a fairly stable fighting game vs Mortal Kombat's constant debate of 2d vs 3d. Despite me being the biggest MK fanboy(owning the movies, a Sub-Zero T-shirt, a MK: Apocalypse T-shirt, the MK medallion necklace, and every version of the game for Genesis) my love fell out when 3d came in. 3d and weapon additions poisoned the series and I never thought I would consider returning until the day this came into my mail slot.

Mortal Kombat vs DC raised many questions amongst gamers and comic nerds, mostly the questions around fatalities and whether the comic characters would stoop to them, and ultimately "how do you decapitate superman?" the answers aren't really that important. What MK Vs DC delivers is an outstanding 2d fighting game with reasonable and balanced fighting between the characters. Midway really flexed its strength in this title release and made me a believer again. The game played like MK3 Ultimate if it were updated for the next gen console. Graphically appealing, Announcer voice just gritty enough, and controls very responsive make for one amazing title. If you are a fighting fan, pick up this game, even if you've been burned by MK in the past, this one truly delivers, and there's nothing quite as fun as playing Batman vs Joker either, Joker is truly a madman who is funny as well as deadly. 

Reason Score
Start 10
Beautiful gameplay environment and characters, visually distinctive and uncluttered +2
Responsive Controls, easy to execute combos and special moves, including fatalities +3
Excellent Single Player Stories for each character, as well as strong multiplayer +5
Final 20

20/10 Truly a masterpiece. and certainly Set the bar for expectations for Capcom to leap over with it's Street Fighter IV release. Definitely one of the finest Fighting games in a long time, especially from Midway.