James Bond: Quantum of Solace

2010-11-10 17:43:56


James Bond, the definitive spy, a series of movies that has been around forever. Unfortunately for the Bond Series, the video game community hasn't been very kind to the series, minus the one exception of Goldeneye. Many geeks would shout to the rooftops on how awesome Goldeneye is, however many who still say this are obviously playing the game through rose colored glasses. Graphics were standard for the era, and gameplay was subpar compared to the PC platform, but the one thing Goldeneye does deserve is it was THE game that really launched FPS onto the console viably, bringing split screen multiplayer, and reasonable controls. Something to be cut and paste through many other FPS iterations on the N64 console, before falling into the shadows until returning with Xbox's release of Halo Combat Evolved.

Quantum of Solace is a fairly polished action adventure game. I am at a disadvantage with the title as I never saw the movie, so I do not know how closely it follows the plot of the movie, I do however know it puts me at the disadvantage because like many movie games these days they expect you to have seen the movie and thus plot is an afterthought in the exposition of the game. So without seeing the movie the title feels disjointed, with various things being done with very little reasoning and next to no discussion as to what is really taking place.  

The cover system is very basic and clunky at times, reminding me of Gears of War's system quite a bit. There have been far better attach and cover mechanics that do far better than this antiquated scheme.

Overall the game was not that challenging and easily completed in just a few short days. To put it bluntly this is shovelware, your standard mediocre cashing in on a license title the industry is well known for. Potential buyers beware, this game is too short, too disjointed and lacking depth. if you're a gung ho Bond fan, including the new movies, then rent this get it out of your system, and avoid allowing these developers to get away with yet another shitty title to cash in on.

Reason Score
Start 10
Plot missing huge gaps, expecting the player to have watched the movie -5
Clunky Cover system that could've use more polish -2
Another piece of Movie License Cash Grab -2
Final 1

1/10, a solid turd of a game, while not glaringly horrible, nothing technically wrong this game is so banal that Twilight Vampires score higher than this game on the entertainment scale.