Warhammer: Battle March

2010-11-10 17:23:27


Warhammer Battle March Xbox 360: If any game could show off a competent RTS while at the same time clearly showing the controls as a flawed scheme it would be this game. It is a game that comes with a tutorial that should be mandatory, because if you went by the game manual alone, you would surely miss out on many of the very important controls available to the game. The triggers and the bumpers execute modifications on the primary face buttons, changing what they do, multiplying the possibilities of control. This is clearly a means to deal with missing keyboard availability on the 360. 

While playing the game I found the story to be engaging, the missions to be the standard RTS blend, with the exception of base building. For this game you buy your armies and decide on your deployment prior to the mission, there is no base building and soldier training on the field, so there is possibilities to set yourself up for failure if you do not properly equip or organize your troops prior to the mission. Thankfully before the mission begins you have the opportunity to organize your troops into groups and into formations, for a medieval style RTS this is vital as you do not want your archers to be cut down by being in the front lines when your polearms and knights should be defending your ranged units.

At one point I set this game down for a time, and tried to come back to it, and that's where the 360 version falls apart. Trying to remember the combinations of bumpers and triggers to execute the various command tiers makes it damn near impossible to take a break from and remember what you are supposed to be doing. 

For this review I am going to give the game the benefit of the doubt. I would avoid the 360 version of the game due to the control complexity, if you can acquire the PC version I have no doubt that you would find it as entertaining as any of the other RTS's out there, although it doesn't do quite enough to really stand out in the environment that in the PC segment is so saturated by Command and Conquer, and something-craft. but if you're dumpster diving for a cheap thrill, I'm sure you can get a copy now for really cheap, and it won't disappoint.


Reason Score
Start 10
Control Scheme too complex for most console users -7
Solid RTS gameplay, a rarity on the console +4
Interesting Hero mechanic that surpasses Warcraft's system by making leaders lead. +2
Some missions have you scouring the countryside looking for remaining forces to vanquish -2
Total 7

7 of 10, a positive score for a game that truly exceeded expectations even when handicapping itself with shitty controls. Definitely Worth a play on a superior platform.