Mirrors Edge

2010-08-12 13:53:41

Mirror's Edge, a game that is praised for it's artistic color styles, and it's natural in the body feel. The game truly does give one a sense of being the actual runner. All the shaky cam, rolling movies, every jolt feels visceral. Every missed jump makes you cringe with the pain felt by the protaganist. If FPS's were this visceral I don't think gamers would be so enthralled with the genre. It is gut punching realism, mixed with some balls out crazy stunts, with only the color red to guide you.

What it does, it does amazingly well... for about 3 hours tops. The game is incredibly short, and what it has for a story is fairly lightweight much like the protaganist, and not very replayable. They added features such as time trials and stuff so people can measure their epeen in that manner,  but ultimately unless you are challenging your friends to races, there's no reason this isn't a Rent And Punt(RAPtm) kind of game. It was a great test of theory, but ultimately gets aggravating as the challenges increase as you often times don't have a lot of time to test out different approaches to the same action before the cops rush in on you or you get shot up. 

Much like the game I'll leave it short and sweet. Rent this game, enjoy it until it gets hard, and put it away, the ending isn't terribly exciting, the double-cross is predictable, and really we only came for one thing anyway. Running and Parkour style simulation. Next time Parkour hits the game market, please let it be in a more sandbox setup. I could see some interest in a "skate" like game for parkour enthusiasts. Now on to the number crunching.

Reason Rank
Start 10
Stunning Visceral Simulation of Parkour +5
Bring your Seasick Pills?(motion sick don't apply) -4
So short it makes most FPS's look like War and Peace -5
Replay value? lol we're trying to maximize profits! -2
Final 4/10

A Dismal 4/10, certainly not a game to miss out on, but definitely not one to keep on your shelf "just in case" you get a hunger for it again. You won't miss it once it's passed, but you will certainly wish they had given you more to begin with.