Star Wars: Force Unleashed

2009-06-08 23:23:52

Star Wars Force Unleashed(Xbox 360)

Star Wars games, how hit and miss they have been. From the classics such as Empire Strikes Back on NES, to the good that was X-Wing and Tie Fighter, to the bad that was Rebel Assualt, to the good that is the Battlefront Series, and Republic Commando, and the Dark Forces series. Thankfully the Star Wars Video games have in general been pretty decent to pretty awesome. with only a handful that standout to outright suck. Todays order of the day was Force Unleashed, a game that had an unfortunate side effect of producing a mountain of shit that avalanched onto a completely innocent game series Soul Calibur. but on with the game.

So we get to play the abducted son of a Jedi turned to the darkside, known throughout the game as "The Apprentice" which casts images of shitty TV reality shows featuring Donald Trump. you slowly learn over the course of the game how to do a number of interesting things with the Force, but to be honest, none of them will be as satisfying as fling. Flinging enemies over cliffs up into the ceiling, and into other enemies will pretty much be the highlight of the game, because it never gets old, and in many cases you are required to do a lot of flinging at the beginning of the game so you tend to go with tactics you are familiar with. Force Grab(fling) is also fun in the death star missions where you can hold the enemies inside the path of the beam weapon and watch them combust. There really is no end to the fun that can be had with the Force..

This game is in a nutshell an Asshole Physics playground. Want to set a trap for Tie Fighters? just grab a chunk of an overhang and bend it out into their flight path, or just force grab the Tie Fighter itself and throw it into a group of other Ties. Grab various chunks of environment and hurl them through a window in a starship and watch all the bad guys get sucked out before the airlocks shut the window down. Hurl stormtroopers through their own energy shields and watch them evaporate. This kind of fun hasn't been had since the gravity gun in Half Life 2.. There are a handful of annoyances in the game, such as not being able to use a blaster at all, to some of the Jedi you are sent to kill being huge pricks with incredibly lame attack sequences. Those Jedi battles though compose the only real challenge in the game, where you whole lineage of force skills and combos are put to the test. That said the Emperor Palpatine battle as well as the battle with Vader are incredible harsh and Vader is especially cheap, invoking the rule of lavafloors. The rest of the game gets it's challenges from doing puzzles using the force like pulling down a star destroyer crashing it into a planet, and lining up a series of gyroscopic surfaces so you can jump dash through them..

Overall the game was an enjoyable rent, it lacks replay value unless you want to seek both the good and bad endings, and collect all the wardrobes. but since I'm not much for barbie dolls it went back to gamefly with no remorse, just satisfaction..

Reason Rank
Start 10
Asshole Physics and the Force go together like Icee's and hot days. +9
Vader being a pussy that has to use a lavafloor to fight -8
Great use of the Force/Lightsaber controls +4
A decent story that is canon with the Star Wars mythos +2
Total 17/10

17/10 for this game today, it's worth a rent, has no multiplayer and very little replay value, but it is worth a run through..